Right In Middle Of Speech Today, Trump Pointed At A Vet And Did The UNTHINKABLE

President Trump did the incredible in the middle of his speech today. Our President honored Harry F. Miller during his speech at the annual Freedom Concert in Washington D.C. Watch the incredible moment below. There is a second video at the bottom of this article that is even more incredible.

How inspiring was that to hear the crowd chant “Harry! Harry! Harry!” in honor of our vets. If you don’t know who Harry Miller was, here’s what you need to know.

  • Harry was only 15 when he joined the US military during World War II.
  • Harry lied about his age when he joined the Armed Forces.
  • Harry was a hero at the infamous Battle of the Bulge.

Here is his incredible story below. The third video at the bottom of the page is even better.

Trump then made sure to close by announcing that God would become a staple of American pride again. We cannot force God out of this country and Trump made that very clear.

This is an amazing highlight from the speech.


God bless our troops. This was an incredible speech and Trump really outdid himself in respect to the men and women that have sacrificed for this country.

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Everyone have a Happy 4th of July coming up. 🙂

Source: Liberty Writers