Former Clinton Campaign Chair: I Lose Sleep Every Night About the Election

While speaking to MSNBC, former Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta admitted he loses sleep because Clinton lost the Electoral College, in turn, losing the 2016 election.

After CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Podesta if Clinton is surprised how often the Trump administration refers to her since the election has been over for more than nine months.

Podesta called it “unprecedented”:

It’s unprecedented. You never saw that behavior from any other president who’s talking about the person they beat. I think it really just bugs the hell out of him that she got three million more votes than he did and he keeps coming back to that. Obviously, we bear the burden of having lost the Electoral College, so I lose sleep about that every night.”

“It’s partly strategic to try to deflect attention from his problems, but I think she’s really under his skin because he knows that in the popular vote, she beat him and beat him soundly,” he added.

This is not the first time Podesta has referred to the popular vote. While speaking with MSNBC, Podesta stated the campaign had “accepted the results” of the election, but reminded viewers Clinton still won the popular vote.