WIN: Trump Just Declared Victory Over N. Korea With This Mighty Act

Trump has once again proved that he is a leader and in charge.

He knows how to handle a bully, unlike Obama, who obviously never met one in the school yard.  To handle a bully, you can’t back down, and Trump knows it.

Since the media will never show any of Trump’s successes, Trump did it himself, with this tweet:


Earlier this week North Korean President Kim Jong-Un announced he had decided not tofire a missile at the U.S. territory of Guam, as he previously said he would.  In true bully fashion, of course, he added that he could still change his mind.

Why did this happen?  Because of all the babying that past presidents, like Obama,  had done with the maniacal threats of the North Korean leader?  I think not, since he just kept increasing his nuclear capability and his threats toward us.

Watch starting at 2:20 in to see the support for Trump’s leadership:

No, he backed off because Trump didn’t.  He said that N. Korea would face “fire and fury” if it continued to threaten the United States.  The media cried and fainted.  But Trump still held his course.  And Kim Jong-Un backed off.

Here’s more:


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