Bill De Blasio Makes Sickening Move To Remove ‘Hateful’ Christopher Columbus Statue

Ever since the events in Charlottesville, liberals have been trying to destroy every monumental statue in America. It started with Robert E. Lee and then it moved onto George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they owned slaves. Now they are going after America’s founder Christopher Columbus.

“We’re trying to unpack 400 years of American history here. This is complicated stuff. But you know, it’s a lot better to be talking about it and trying to work through it than ignoring it because I think for a lot of people in this city and in this country, they feel that their history has been ignored or affronts to their history have been tolerated,” said New York City mayor Bill De Blasio in an interview with the New York Post.

He showed more support for taking down the statue in an interview with CBS. He wrote the following tweet. “In the wake of Charlottesville, NYC will be conducting a 90-day review of all symbols of hate on city property,” said De Blasio. And apparently Columbus is a symbol of hate.

 Columbus isn’t the only person he’s after. “The commemoration for Nazi collaborator Philippe Pétain in the Canyon of Heroes will be one of the first we remove,” wrote De Blasio.

“I will wait for the commission, as I said Christopher Columbus is a controversial figure to many of us particularly in the Caribbean and I think that that has to be looked at, when you have to look at history we have to look at it thoroughly and clearly,” said De Blasio’s aide Melissa Mark-Viverito. Are you sick of the attacks on our history?

Source: Conservative 101