70K People Sign Petition to Do Something Big to Thank J.J. Watt for Raising Over $18 Million for Texas

JJ watt

After Tropical Storm Harvey completely devastated part of Texas, the “all hands on deck” call was heeded by many, and a few with some major influence.

One of those people was Houston Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt. On Aug. 27, he created a YouCaring donation website and appealed to his Twitter followers to donate whatever amount of money they could manage to do without.

While his original goal was $200,000, by 4 p.m. on Sept. 4, Watt had raised over $19 million. At one point, Watt’s influence was so powerful, that donors actually crashed the website.

On Sunday, the pro-footballer teamed up with nine semi-trucks and tons of volunteers to deliver water and other supplies to people in need:


While he’s been working hard to help out others, now, people are hoping to say “thank you” in a major way. On the football field, the number 99 is attached to Watt.

After his immense humanitarian efforts, one kindergarten teacher thought it would be nice for Watt’s name to be attached to the number 99 — more specifically Texas State Highway 99. On Sept. 1, Lindsay Duke started a Change.org petition to gather signatures in favor of renaming SH 99, the JJ Watt Parkway!

The petition called Watt an “exemplary humanitarian and Houstonian” and fought for the name change as a “token of our appreciation.” It has certainly gained momentum and in only three days, has gathered over 75,000 signatures of its 150,000 signature goal.

“Working with kids I know the importance of great role models and JJ is one of the few who choose to lead by example and give our children someone to look up to!” she wrote in an update.

As someone who lives and works in Houston, Duke reiterated that she in no way is trying to downplay the disaster, but instead simply wants to show appreciation “for one of the many people who has constantly helped our city.”

“A man not even from here but one who has made Houston home and served us constantly and unselfishly,” she wrote. Duke added that Watt is far from the only person who has made a serious impact on relief efforts but noted, “this isn’t a competition for Houston’s biggest humanitarian.”

Supporters of the petition called Watt a “great Texan” and applauded his efforts to help those in his adopted hometown who were affected by the storm.

If the petition reaches its 150,000 signature goal, it will be delivered to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX).

Watch Watt hand out supplies in Texas below.

Source: Conservative Daily