“Americans Are Dreamers Too!” Laura Ingraham Crushes The Trump-Haters In An Epic Way

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham fought back against the groups of liberals who are trying to paint Conservatives as monsters for wanting to repeal DACA>

“Americans are dreamers too. They have a lot of dreams that have not been fulfilled because of a variety of reasons, a lot of them have to do with politicians not doing what they said they would do,” said Ingraham on an interview with Fox.

“American citizens want a better life, they want their kids in schools that aren’t overcrowded, they want health care that doesn’t rise in its costs 20 percent, 18 percent a year, so that’s number one. Number two, I think people have to understand what [DACA] is really all about… it’s about giving work permits and federal benefits to people who are as advanced in their age as the age of 36,” she said.

Even though liberals try to say that DACA is all about the children, you can’t even apply to it unless you are in between the ages of 15 and 36. DACA is nothing but a way for the government to allow people to get away with committing crimes.

Do you think that Ingraham is right? Do you think it is time to shut DACA down? Or do you disagree? Check out Laura Ingraham in the video below.


Source: Conservative 101