When Mom Questions if Cher Would Take Illegal Immigrants Into Her Home, Cher Calls Her A ‘B***h’

President Trump has received an enormous wave of criticism for ending the privileges that Obama granted illegal immigrants who came to America as children.

Trump announced that he would be ending the DACA program in six months. The program is designed to give full citizenship, work visas, Social Security numbers, and benefits to approximately 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants.

Former President Obama and some members of Congress responded harshly to the decision. So did the singer Cher. Cher tweeted Tuesday asking her friends in Hollywood to open their homes to a “DREAMER”:



Some online questioned the sincerity of the offer. One of those people was Brenda Webb, a self-described single mom and Disney lover from Arizona. In a since deleted tweet, Brenda asked Cher if she would follow through on the offer and that she’d “believe” it when she sees it. In response, Cher called Brenda a “b***h” and told her to keep her “eyes open”:

Many on the left rejoiced over Cher’s mean comment to poor Brenda: 




IJR will keep you posted on Cher opening her enormous designer mansion to those affected by the end of DACA.

According to Architectural Digest, the house is pretty spacious:

  • 16,000-square-foot reality: three stories of bush-hammered travertine, hand-carved marble, stamped-copper ceilings, rugs from Egypt, fireplaces from Mexico, Gothic Revival chandeliers measuring six feet by four feet, a balustrade from San Simeon and even a tapestry that once hung in the court of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Source: Conservative Daily