Hillary Revealed to Consider Divorcing Bill in Her Book — ‘It’s Just a Marriage on a Paper Now’

Interesting pieces of Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” are beginning to surface and show just how messy things were behind closed doors during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In her book, Hillary describes her marriage with Bill and how she considered filing a divorce. “It’s just a marriage on paper now,” Hillary writes. “There were times that I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive.”

Their marriage was something that was frequently attacked by many, since Bill was known for his sexual interactions with his intern, Monica Lewinsky, while he was married to Hillary.

Hillary recalls thinking on the campaign trail, “do I still love him? And can I still be in this marriage without becoming unrecognizable to myself-twisted by anger, resentment, or remoteness? The answers were always yes.”

She does add, however, that she had “many, many more happy days than sad or angry ones” with her husband, Bill.

Pieces of the upcoming memoir were published by CNN on Wednesday.

Source: Conservative Daily