In Preparing for Hurricane Irma, Governor of Florida Wears a Hat Showing Where His Allegiances Lie

The state of Florida is bracing for the hurricane of the century.

By many measures, Irma could be one of the biggest, most powerful storms in history. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is taking no chances, ordering evacuations and declaring a state of emergency. The governor has been on a nonstop circuit for the last 24 hours, warning citizens of his state to take deep precaution.

In a series of press conferences Wednesday, the governor continued his dire warning flanked by law enforcement. The precautions and direct action have even won over Scott’s critics:


However, it was the hat Scott wore that was getting some commenters’ attention. During multiple press conferences, Scott has sported a hat that says “NAVY” on it.


The governor’s decision to wear the hat was an easy one. Scott is a veteran of the Navy. According to the governor’s bio:

  • After attending high school and community college, Gov. Scott enlisted in the United States Navy, where he served on active duty aboard the USS Glover as a radar man. The G.I. Bill enabled Gov. Scott to attend college and law school.

No doubt many in the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Marines, and Air Force will be there to help out as the storm approaches and after it hits.


Source: Conservative Daily