PANTS ON FIRE: Paul Ryan Just Told A HUGE LIE About Trump’s DACA Plan

Paul Ryan keeps LYING — and it’s hindering Trump’s efforts to make America great again.

Earlier this week, Ryan stabbed Trump in the back by supporting DACA just days before Trump planned to end the program. When asked about Trump’s impending decision, Ryan told WLCO Janesville, ‘I actually don’t think he should do that.”

But Trump obviously doesn’t care what Ryan has to say. A few days later, he made the end of DACA official.

Now Ryan has conveniently changed his mind.

In a press conference scheduled after Trump’s announcement, Ryan stated plainly, “President Trump was right in his decision [to end DACA.]”

The comment comes at the 1:00 mark in the video below:

Paul Ryan said the right thing but, but judging by his past comments, he obviously doesn’t believe it.

So when will Paul Ryan STOP LYING or admit that he doesn’t support the president? This is the man Trump must trust with his administration’s agenda — and Ryan has proven himself to be completely unreliable in that regard.

What do YOU think? Is Paul Ryan SPINELESS or a LIAR? Share and comment with your pick!

Source: Liberty Writers