After Gay Couple Tries To Destroy Christian Baker, President Trump Does The Unbelievable

We all remember a time when Barrack Obama was our president and did not stand up for christian rights, but did everything to stand up for the LGBT community. He made it very clear that Christians would face lawsuits if they didn’t accept anti-Christian demands from customers.

A baker in Denver by the name of Jack Phillips experienced this first hand when he refused to bake a LGBT cake for a gay couple. After refusing to bake the cake, the gay couple filed a lawsuit against him and tried to destroy his business and his life.

But now the tides have changed, and President Trump has just declared his support for Jack Phillips by using his Justice Department for a good cause, supporting Christian values. Take a look at the Christian baker’s story: (Watch Until The End)

“The Department of Justice on Thursday led documents with the Supreme Court in support of a Colorado baker who is religiously opposed to making wedding cakes for same-sex couples,” reports the New York Daily News. The same-sex couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, are now married, but they are still fighting.

“Four years is a long time for something that lasted less than two minutes,” Mullins said. “Every step of the way here in Colorado, the courts and commissions have found that Jack Phillips violated Colorado law. We’d like to end with that still being the case.”

With Obama out of the picture, they will lose… period. This is not a matter of “discrimination” but rather a First Amendment rights case. It is a tough battle with liberals on not only holding onto our first amendment but also sticking up for our Christian values.

However, with President Trump in office things will be much different than they were for the past 8 years. If you support this Christian baker Share this out everywhere so it goes viral!

Source: LIberty Writers