Christians Gathered on Miami Beach to ‘Pray the Hurricane Away’ — Here’s How That Turned Out

You’ve probably heard it said that prayer can move mountains.

But on Saturday evening, a small group of believers in Florida claimed that prayer moved a hurricane — specifically, Hurricane Irma — which was set to plow straight through Miami and cause upward of $1 billion in damages.

Marie Constant shared a video of the group singing praises on the beach — along with an image of the updated storm track:

So does prayer move hurricanes?

The comments section was full of mixed reviews: Some said it was the result of prayer, and some said the directional change was because of pressure from a cold front to the north of Irma.

But nearly all of the doubters had the same question: What about the people praying on Florida’s west coast and in the Gulf of Mexico?

Irma’s new projected path may spare Miami, but it is important to note that a lot of people, animals, and property are still at risk.

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Source: Conservative Daily