Move Over Sean Hannity, FOX Just Gave Laura Ingraham The BEST Job Ever

If y’all are fans of Laura Ingraham, get read because she just BUMPED Sean Hannity from the 10 PM spot on FOX News.

Now, before you go and get too worried, Hannity is just getting upgraded to the 9 PM slot and “The Five” is getting moved back to 5 PM.

Still, this is a huge announcement of Ingraham who has been waiting DECADES for her big break into Conservative news. It finally came last month when she was asked to fill in for Tucker Carlson for a few days.

After her performance on camera and the reaction from the audience, FOX knew what ithad to do. They hired her on and promised her a show of her own off the bat.

Honestly, this is a pretty unbelievable deal she managed to get in the world of Cable news. Pretty much NOBODY gets to walk into the studio and get set up with a daily 9 PM show to start. It’s no doubt her years of media experience have absolutely paid off.

Well, either way, now y’all know the new show times for FOX’s fall lineup. Get this out to every FOX News watcher you know so they can see what direction the Murdochs are taking their channel now.

Source: Liberty Writers