SECONDS AFTER Arriving In Florida, Jaws Dropped When People Saw What Melania Had On Her Feet

First Lady Melania Trump managed to wow the entire nation once again today. Not with her super model looks or her unbelievable displays of kindness. Nope. Everyone was wowed by WHAT was on her feet.

I’m sure by now all y’all remember that little incident in Texas where the media lashed out at Melania for working in high heels. Well, she was not gonna let that happen twice.

The media even TRIED to make fun of her shoes when she got ON the plane this morning. As you can see, she WAS wearing some stylish black designer shoes. Of course, that did NOT last very long…

However, by the time the Trumps landed in Florida for their visit, Melania made a very BIG change.

She switched her designer shoes for Converse Sneakers to shut the media up for good! The MSM are hating this picture right here because it proves how petty and hateful they really are.

Ouch. Way to go, First Lady Melania. You clearly know how to look great in ANYTHING you wear. Plus, this was not about clothes, this was about Florida.

Now it’s up to you to help get this shared everywhere to let the First Lady know that real Americans have her back.

Source: Liberty Writers