Rex Tillerson Just STUNNED Everyone With His Latest Move To Fix What Obama Broke

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is reforming the State Department, after he agreed with Trump that the Department’s budget needed to be cut by a third.

There’s just been SO MUCH WASTED in our government for far too long. And Trump, along with Tillerson, are going to change that.

Tillerson said that his reform of the Department would be the most important thing he will do as Secretary of State. The plan includes a possible merging of the State Department with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The aim would be to align resources and improve efficiency.  Ahhhh…those words are just music to my ears!  Save money and become more efficient?  Government?  Who knew it could be done?!

Trump, that’s who!  He’s seen how ridiculously inefficient and wasteful our government has been for too long.  Not the least of which during the past 8 years under Obama. Get this:  Tillerson expects his plan to cut $10 BILLION from the Department’s budget over the next five years. That’s right, that says BILLION!

You know what that means, right?  We’ve been WASTING that $10 billion.  That’s downright disgusting, isn’t it?

His plan will also get rid of about 2000 jobs.  Now, that doesn’t sound good, but, fact is, there’s jobs that are just pure waste there. That’s not what our tax money should be paying for.

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Source: Liberty Writers