Laura Ingraham Just WENT OFF On Illegals And Stunned The Press In This Video Going Viral

Fox News host Laura Ingraham did more than speak her mind on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday, she showcased the feelings of many American citizens. With a captivating and impassioned rant, Ingraham detailed why the United States must begin enforcing immigration laws. Skip to 4:33 of the video below:

It makes sense that Ingraham’s full disclosure would be sparked by the footage of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently being harassed by illegal immigrants. Pelosi expressed her frustrations about the interrupted press conference and Ingraham seemed to echo her concerns.

“This is the problem with not enforcing the rule of law — if you don’t enforce it across the board, you’re going to create a generation of entitled people,” she said. “This is entitlement mentality for a whole new generation of people.”

The Fox News host continued with why she feels many of the frustrated immigrants are approaching the situation poorly. Instead, why not start a dialogue with the people who can help?

“It’s like biting the hand that feeds you. Or you give some an inch, they take a mile. An inch across the border, then it’s a mile. Then we want rights. Then we want benefits. Then we want in-state tuition. Then we want free healthcare. Now we want grandma to come in,” she said.

But Ingraham’s next point was inarguably patriotic. This is, in fact, a different country. The United States should be expected to have its own rules and regulations.

“They don’t respect the borders of our country. They don’t respect borders in a public address. There’s not a great deal of gratitude for being able to stay in the country temporarily. Let alone a sense of what can we do to make it easier for you [Pelosi] to press our case,” she said.

In closing, Ingraham looked back to the Pelosi incident and explained why it not only hurt the case of those in attendance, but the entirety of America’s immigrant population.

“That image is terrible for those who seek amnesty for millions and millions of people who are living here and often times working here illegally. It’s terrible for their message. I think Nancy Pelosi realized that. She was caught there. She couldn’t get out.”

Regardless of anyone’s stance on illegals, we can all agree something MUST be done. President Trump has worked tirelessly since the campaign trail to send a powerful message south of the border, and it’s up to us and people like Laura Ingraham to stand up and speak our minds!

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Source: Liberty Writers