Right After Trump Named Kim Rocket Man, Nikki Haley Went And Silenced The Media With A HUGE Reveal

The media was going absolutely NUTS over Trump nicknaming Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man”. They all immediately jumped to Kim’s defense and said Trump had gone too far.

That’s when they had a brilliant idea: Let’s bring UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on and have her trash the President. Their plan seemed foolproof, well, except the one major flaw…

Nikki Haley showed up and WRECKED the media while defending President Trump. She revealed that she had met with the President of Uganda and he is already calling Kim “the Rocket Man.”

She also went on Good Morning America and said that EVERY international community is now calling him “Rocket Man” and that it clearly was a good idea and worked.

Ouch! Once again, the Mainstream Media’s big plans for the day backfired in their faces and now the truth is getting out everywhere.

The reality is, North Korea NEEDS to be disarmed of their Nukes and ICBMs immediately in one way or another. If he wants to let us come in and destroy them, that’s fine. If we have to do it by force, which we would rather not, we can do that too.

So let everyone you know see that the Rocket Man nickname absolutely worked and Nikki Haley is your proof. Even if their plan failed, we can still share this everywhere.

Source: Liberty Writers