California’s Governor Just Said That Trump Voters Are ‘Cave Dwellers

Regular Americans have been subjected to no shortage of abuse from Democrats, who then cannot understand why we are not inclined to vote for Democratic candidates during election time. Last year, Hillary Clinton referred to supporters of Donald Trump as “deplorables.” Now California’s liberal Governor Jerry Brown has gone a step further and dubbed us “cave dwellers.”

Governor Brown, who clearly wishes he had succeeded in his past attempts to become president, decided that he would not respect President Donald Trump’s first address in front of the United Nations General Assembly. The next day, Brown gave his own speech at a United Nations roundtable intended to counter Trump’s speech.

Said Governor Brown, trying to publicly undermine President Trump’s authority, “America is not run by Donald Trump. Even California is not run by Jerry Brown. We are a country of diverse power centers and mobilizing those power centers that are not controlled by the president is still a very worthwhile goal and very powerful.”

Environment-obsessed Governor Brown is frustrated that President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement, and he decided to insult Trump’s supporters as a result, commenting in New York, “They’re both kind of very similar. You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves.”


Governor Brown later pulled out all the stops and insulted Trump himself, stating, “It would be great if the president would join the movement. He’s not there yet. He believes this whole thing that we’re talking about, what all the scientists are publishing thousands of papers, is all a hoax. And it’s a hoax invented in China. He believes that.” Are you disgusted that California’s Governor has been saying such nasty things about both Trump and people who voted for him?


Source: Conservative 101