Right After Trump’s Big UN Speech, Newt Gingrich Got Up And Said SIX Words That Left Jaws HANGING

Newt Gingrich got on Hannity Tuesday to analyze President Trump’s UN address, which he called “one of the most important speeches of his presidency.” 

Gingrich told Hannity that his speech was:

“really about defending America, but it was also about defending the right of every country to be a sovereign nation. It was truly a remarkable speech.

Six words- It was truly a remarkable speech. This, after leftists have been harping on Trump for his speech being supposedly bombastic, xenophobic, isolationist- all manner of insults. Newt Gingrich still stood up and said the right thing.

President Trump urged nations to reawaken a sense of pride and patriotism in their respective countries, and reiterated that, as the American leader, he will be putting “America First.” But- he expects other world leaders to advocate for their own country’s interests too.

As Gingrich wrote in an op-ed for Fox:

“The president placed intellectual clarity and emphasis on his principle that the world will be made safer when America and its allies in the United Nations work together as sovereign nations to achieve peace and security in the world.”

Gingrich and President Trump are totally right- the UN will work better when its members truly defend their citizens and honor their cultures. Gringrich added:

“The United Nations’ sovereign members need to think critically about whether it is in the best interest of their citizens to allow terrorism and unstable rogue regimes, such as North Korea, Iran, and Syria to provoke chaos and death across the world.”

If bureaucratic niceties are preventing despotic regimes such as Iran’s and North Korea’s from being truly confronted and neutralized, the world leaders we have chosen are failing all of their country’s citizens.

Check out Gingrich and Hannity here- it’s awesome:

For President Trump, that era of the UN is over.  Gingrich said he hopes other country’s heed the call as well:

“My hope is that the member nations heed the president’s call, reawaken their sense of national sovereignty, and realize how critically important it is to defend their nations against a range of foreign dangers.”

It’s great having such a hardworking, patriotic man as president. It’s also great to know he has smart allies like Newt Gingrich ready to defend him.

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Source: Liberty Writers