Trey Gowdy Just ‘Shut The Front Door’ In Barack Obama’s Face – This Will End Obama’s Shadow Presidency For Good

It’s beginning to like Obama’s “deep state surveillance apparatus” is finally being to unraveled, much like an underworld kingpin, Obama has so far been successfully able to insulate himself from wrongdoing. However that might all end if characters like Comey, Clapper, Rice, Lynch and a number of lower subordinates are forced to testify under oath, anyone of them can spell trouble for the former president.

Several reliable reports have confirmed that the Obama Administration had been running a major surveillance operation through the National Security Agency (NSA) on private citizens for years.

Moreover, President Trump was the subject of “illegal surveillance” before; during and right up until the day he took the oath of office.

The bombshell report has caught the attention of Congress and in particular, one Trey Gowdy which also confirms President Trump’s public tweets that he and or Trump Towers were being “wiretapped” and which was ridiculed (however never investigated) by the progressive media.

Gowdy has now decided to investigate this further stating to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that he is going to stop the NSA from running these programs.

“We’re not going to reauthorize these surveillance programs if the American people are not satisfied that their security is not going to be safeguarded,” Gowdy said.

He went on to express his concern regarding Obama’s apparent misuse of the program perhaps for political reasons (which is a crime) stating; “This unmasking. That is a privilege to be able to request that a U.S. person’s name be unmasked. I want to know who’s making the request [and] what is the evidentiary basis of that request? And if it’s late in your tenure – like the day before you leave office, that should send off alarms and sirens in your head as to why that person did it.”

However what is even more troubling is the apparent attempted cover-up by both Clipper and Comey lying to Congress claiming that “no surveillance” took place against the Trump team during the election, one was the Director of the FBI the other the Director of National Intelligence, at the time.

Do you believe anyone within the Obama Administration will be prosecuted?

Source: US Herald