Governor Of Puerto Rico Begged For Help, What Trump Gave Him Seconds Ago Is UNBELIEVABLE

Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rosello called on the Pentagon yesterday for more search-and-rescue help and humanitarian resources help to the island which has faced “complete devastation” form Hurricane Maria.

“We need more resources from the Department of Defense so we can get helicopters and resources,” Rossello told POLITICO.

“We know that there are capabilities in the surrounding areas, helicopters, planes and so forth,” he said. “And our petition is for us to be able to use them.”

Here is the Governor before the Hurricane.

It was a deadly storm in Puerto Rico. The island has been totally devastated.

Then today, Donald Trump swept in to save the day.


It’ an old electrical grid.



The media is already trying to attack our President. Here is the google search for news about President Trump and Puerto Rico. cc

Trump’s administration has sent a strong response. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said that 10,000 federal employees have gone to Puerto Rico. The Coast Gaurd has sent 13 ships and barges are arriving with relief supplies.

The problem is that the ports have been very damaged. Share this if are praying for the people of Puerto Rico. You can help them by clicking the following link and donating to United for Puerto Rico here.

Share this everywhere to help out the people that are facing an apocalypse now.

Source: Liberty Writers