BUSTED: This Shocking New Evidence Will Help Trump Bury The Crooked Media And The Dems Want It GONE

President Trump made waves when he first began calling out major media outlets for their unfounded and biased reporting, but more evidence continues to surface that proves President Trump is right.

ABC, CBS, and NBC all decided to ignore the worsening humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and instead gave nearly FOUR TIMES more coverage to the NFL’s disgusting protest. Despite the networks’ intention to shine a brighter light on Trump, most Americans are fully aware of the devastation recently inflicted by Hurricane Maria. Many families on the island are still struggling to find food and water, and officials say the power for the entire island won’t be restored for at least another month.

With all that being said, research by the Media Research Center proves the morning and evening news shows on the “big three” broadcast networks focused solely on President Trump’s feud with the NFL.

“Between Sept. 24 and 25, the networks spent 92 minutes of airtime on the battle over whether or not athletes should stand for the national anthem. During the same timeframe, they spent just 25 minutes on the devastation in Puerto Rico. Networks thus spent 3.6 times more of their airtime on the Trump-NFL spat.

ABC News had the worst disparity, spending nearly 53 minutes on the NFL and just about eight minutes on Puerto Rico, a 7:1 ratio.”

Sickening tactics to garner ratings have always been a staple of leftist media, but this goes WAY over the line. People are lost and dying in Puerto Rico, but anything to bash President Trump will apparently always come first. Do you think it’s time for President Trump to hold ALL the major networks accountable?

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Source: Liberty Writers