GAME CHANGER: China Just Bent Knee And Did What Trump Wanted Them To Do To North Korea

The commerce ministry in Beijing said today that all North Korean businesses will close because of this. Companies will have 120 days to shut down entirely, according to Daily Mail.

China has given all joint ventures with Chinese firms 120 days from September 12. This is happening at the same time that the UN Security Council voted to boost sanctions on North Korea.

North Korea followed the UN Sanction with a speech that declared rockets to the US as “inevitable” in response to Trump calling Kim Jong Un, Rocket Man.

This means that China has bent the knee and is going to work with Trump. Amen. The United States has now pressed China to use its economic advantage over North Korea to help take out the threat that is North Korea.

The media may be attacking Trump like crazy right now, but they cannot deny that he is helping to fix the North Korea situation.

Rex Tillerson will be visiting Beijing this weekend to talk with Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

God bless our President. This is a moment of rejoicing. Share this if you are glad that we have President Trump to fix the North Korea situation. 

Keep fighting for a better America, y’all.

Source: Liberty Writers