UNFORGIVABLE: Pelosi Just Went On Camera And Insulted ALL Puerto Ricans With One SICK Sentence

Slowly but surely, Nancy Pelosi is losing it. The House Minority Leader stunned the House floor on Thursday with a shameful on-camera gaffe that left Puerto Ricans furious.

Even worse for the Dems, this comes on the heels of Hillary Clinton publicly slamming President Trump for not knowing Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Maybe Clinton’s concerns should be directed elsewhere, especially when this meeting was conducted solely to discuss the ongoing crisis relief for Hurricane Maria. But when Pelosi took the podium after Puerto Rican-born New York Rep. Nydia Velasquez, she immediately embarrassed herself and the entire party.

“Thank you to your commitment to our entire country and that includes Puerto Rico.” Said Pelosi.

Puerto Rico may not be a state, but it’s officially been part of the U.S. since 1898. This is something Pelosi should clearly know, but all she could do was dig herself deeper. In closing, Pelosi baffled onlookers further by claiming Velazquez “came to America” when she moved from Puerto Rico to New York.

“You were born and raised there and came to America to be a stark figure here–you became one of the first women to chair an entire committee in the Congress of the United States,” Pelosi said.

Could Pelosi be anymore ignorant and condescending? You might as well applaud Velasquez for moving from New York to California. This is exactly why we need President Trump and the GOP to run the House of Representatives. We need intelligent, thoughtful leaders who aren’t too far gone to get the job done.

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Source: Liberty Writers