Sarah Sanders Asked About Clinton’s Vegas Shooting Tweet — She Reminds Room Who Has ‘Blood’ on Hands

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked Monday to respond to Hillary Clinton linking proposed legislation to loosen restrictions on firearms suppressors to the deadly Las Vegas shooting — and she was direct in her response.

When asked for the White House’s position on the pending legislation, Sanders said she hadn’t spoken to President Donald Trump about the specific issue because they are currently responding to a tragedy in America.

“I think before we start trying to talk about the preventions of what took place last night, we need to know more facts. Right now, we’re simply not at that point,” Sanders said. “It’s very easy for Mrs. Clinton to criticize and to come out, but I think we need remember the only person with blood on their hands is that of the shooter. This isn’t a time for us to go after individuals or organizations.”

She then added, “I think that we can have those policy conversations, but today is not that day.”

When pressed on the Trump administration’s stance on gun control legislation, Sanders would only say the president was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Watch the full exchange below.

Source: Conservative Daily