It’s Official: Trump Breaks Reagan Record In Only 9 Months

During his campaign, Donald Trump made cutting the red tape in Washington a major focus. And he’s been proving that wasn’t just an empty promise.

According to a report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the new administration has managed to slash more regulations in nine months than Ronald Reagan did in years.

“As we continue to watch the president’s progress on his economic priorities, it’s interesting to compare Trump with previous presidents, namely Ronald Reagan,” wrote Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI’s vice president for policy.

“Under Reagan, both regulations and Federal Register pages (where agency rules and regulations are published) dropped more than one-third. So far, Trump has reduced the flow of regulation even more.”

How much more? Consider the Federal Register, the big book of all the regulations and red tape the federal government has enacted.

“The Federal Register stands at 45,678 pages,” the CEI reported. “Last year at this time, Barack Obama’s Federal Register stood at 67,900 pages. (Obama’s 2016 Federal Register set an all-time-record: 97,110 pages).

“Compared to Obama at this time last year, Trump’s page count is down 32 percent so far in his first year,” Crews added. “It took a few years for Ronald Reagan to achieve his ultimate, one-third reduction in Federal Register pages following Jimmy Carter’s then-record Federal Register. So by this metric, Trump is moving much faster.”

In the past nine months, Trump has issued 2,183 rules, which is an 18 percent decrease. However, it’s worth noting that even repealing a rule requires a rule — oh, government! — so there’s always that to consider. There were also only 116 “significant” rules under Trump — rules with an impact of $100 million or greater — compared to 274 under Obama.

The point is that Trump is doing away with government regulations at an even faster pace than we saw from Reagan, which is pretty amazing stuff. Of course, both of those presidents came after liberal Democrats who enjoyed using the “pen and phone,” as Obama might put it.

However you look at it, though, Trump has managed to make the Gipper proud.

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Source: Conservative Tribune