Moments Before Trump Left For Vegas, He Turned To Reporters And Revealed Secret About Shooter

Right before Trump got on Marine One for his trip to Las Vegas he told the press pool something shocking. He said that more details about the shooter will be revealed “at the appropriate time.”

This is massive. Trump is set to meet with families and first responders today. God bless them. Watch the chilling video.


Here is the quote.

REPORTER: “What is your message to the people of Las Vegas, and do you know anything more about the shooter?”

TRUMP: “Well it’s a very sad thing, we’re going to pay our respects, and to see the police who have done a really fantastic job in a very short time. And, yeah, they’re learning a lot more, and that’ll be announced at the appropriate time. It’s a very, very sad day for me, personally. Thank-you.”

This is huge. Something huge must be known about the shooter. This is so frickin’ frightening. Help get Trump’s message out. Every patriot reading this post right now needs to hit that share button.


Source: Liberty Writers