Montel Williams Blasts Clinton Response After Vegas Massacre: ‘I Voted for Hillary, But Not for This’

Montel Williams, the U.S. Navy veteran-turned talk show host, has been a fairly vocal critic of President Donald Trump since early in the campaign.

But in the wake of Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas, Williams let loose a string of tweets that made it clear that Trump was not the only person he wasn’t exactly thrilled with.

He started by offering genuine praise to the first responders on the ground in Las Vegas, the men and women who had run toward the sound of gunfire instead of away:




He also praised the medical teams who handled one of the worst mass casualty scenarios imaginable:



Williams then went on to reflect on the sheer tragedy of the day:



Then came the dig at President Trump:


But Hillary Clinton, who got Williams’s vote last November, was next on his list of grievances:


He finished by proposing a solution that many have advocated in the wake of this horrific ordeal:



Yes. God bless.

Source: Conservative Daily