Student Who Stole MAGA Hat In TEARS After She Just Got The WORST News Of Her Life

You may have seen the video that went viral of a crazed liberal college student who stole a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat right off the head of another conservative student.

If You Didn’t Here It Is: (If So Scroll Down)

The college has responded to this situation by saying, “Coequal to our dedication to mutual respect is our commitment to free speech and the free exchange of ideas,” the chancellor’s statement said, according to the College Fix. “A university requires an environment where students and scholars can freely express ideas and pursue knowledge, while also promoting respectful dialogue among individuals or groups with opposing viewpoints.”

Now, the student plans to file criminal charges against her and she could face felony charges! (according to Fox News)

Matthew Vitale, the man who’s hat was stolen said this in response: “Honestly, this isn’t me trying to get revenge on her,” he told Todd Starnes during a Fox News Radio interview, “this is me just trying to say: ‘Look, behavior like this is not tolerated in this country. There are individual rights and individual freedoms that we are granted as per the constitution, that everybody’s granted. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are.’”

A spokesman from the university says that UC champions free speech stating: “The university stands very strongly for free speech and its protections, and for a congenial dialogue on campus,” university spokesman John Warren said. “The students on our campus have used this episode to affirm their support for free expression, and a productive exchange of ideas.”

Edith Macias, the woman who stole the hat says that free speech has been “used as a dog whistle for the protection of white supremacist violence in the University of California system and elsewhere.”

She is claiming that Vitale “harrassed” an “doxxed” her during this incident and demands that the university pay her rent, grant her amnesty, cover her legal fees, condemn white supremacist violence, and support a sanctuary campus.

While this is highly unlikely to happen (since we live in a country that gives us all the right to Free Speech) her and the rest of the college liberals are planning to fight back in some way. We will see what happens over the coming months.

Vitale says that he is overwhelmed with the support he has gotten from people all over the country and asks that people continue to support free speech. “This just goes to show,” he said, “that I think freedom of speech and individual rights are maybe just one thing that everybody in this country can rally around.”

Should Matios be slammed with FELONY charges? Share this out everywhere if Yes! Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Source: The Lutchman Report