Conservatives Are Noticing Something VERY ODD About Obama’s Library, Liberals Will NEVER See It

Every former president is entitled to a library upon leaving office, whether he served one term or two.

How this tradition began, or why exactly, is something you’ll have to look up for yourself – I can’t do everything for you!

Now that Barack Obama has seen his time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. come to a close (praise the good Lord!), construction on his library is about to begin. It won’t be done for four years, though.

There’s just one very odd thing missing from the library that liberals won’t make a fuss over, however, the library won’t have any library materials!

Say what?

Per Chicago Tribune:

Once the Obama Presidential Center is constructed, it will have a children’s play garden, sledding hill, green spaces for picnics and outdoor gatherings, basketball courts and even a recording studio, officials have said.

But what the space won’t have is all of former President Barack Obama’s manuscripts, documents, letters and gifts he collected during his time in office. While the Presidential Center is about four years from opening, a conversation has begun about what the facility will mean to scholars and to local research universities without those items.

Traditionally, Presidential Libraries are places where historians, academics and college students travel to dig through paperwork and hold the first drafts of speeches, letters and legislation in their hands. But without those papers on site, some have begun to ask whether the Obama Center can even attract researchers to the University of Chicago, Chicago State University or the University of Illinois. What will it mean to have those documents online rather than in a physical form for inspection? And with digital technology constantly changing, how will the National Archives and Records Administration ensure the documents will be placed online in a timely manner and accessible over time?

“This is going to be completely different,” he said. “What the president and first lady said … is they simply did not want a museum that served as a mausoleum, as a way to look back.”

Once again, Obama has shown us just how “transparent” he truly is.

Source: Liberty Writers