CHECKMATE: Jeff Sessions Just Made The ULTIMATE Threat To Sanctuary Cities That Has Them TERRIFIED

The Liberal States have been going on a sanctuary binge recently in an attempt to keep their low-cost, rights free laborers. Heck, California just declared their entire state a “Sanctuary State.” Well, lefties, AG Sessions is here and he is putting his foot down.

Instead of just sitting back and watching it happen like so many others in the past, Sessions is backing up his talk and declaring an END of federal funding for police in the selected cities who are not complying.

Attorney General Sessions declared that the following cities are in violation of federal law and have until October 27 to fix it or else…

  • New Orleans

  • New York City

  • Philadelphia

  • Cook County in Illinois along with its largest city Chicago

Attorney General Sessions has made it clear that if these cities do not clean up their act by the deadline, he will declare them in violation of Section 1373 which states that local authorities MUST share immigration information of criminals with federal authorities.

Sadly, many other semi-sanctuary locations are still protected. According to a June determination by the Justice Department, California is not in violation of 1374 despite their policies.

It’s a start but we have a long way to go. If y’all think Sessions is doing the right thing, let him know it by sharing his big new around to other Conservatives you know.

Source: Liberty Writers