When Melania Walked Off Marine One Today, Everyone Noticed New Thing About Her

Melania Trump can say a lot with a look. Sometimes, she means business. Other times, she throws impeccable shade at Hillary Clinton. Today, she used her outfit to send a subtle tribute to our armed services.

Melania’s ensemble was unveiled earlier this morning as she boarded Marine One. While some observers initially thought the coat was trimmed in luxurious snakeskin, the pattern is actually CAMOUFLAGE.



Melania is often in the news for her clothes — and now she’s clearly using them for good. Not only does she look great, she’s also respectfully referencing the brave men and woman in our military.

She says so much by staying silent, you might forget she can also speak FIVE languages.

But today, her biggest statement was made without saying a word.

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Thank you, Melania, for having such impeccable CLASS!

Source: Liberty Writers