Puerto Rican Congress Delegate Just Told The Truth About Trump And Left Jaws HANGING

Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon, the Puerto Rican delegate in the House of Representatives, gave an interview with USA Today on Saturday praising President Trump’s relief efforts on the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Gonzalez-Colon said:

“I will tell you that everything that the president said that he was going to send to the island, it’s getting there. The resources are there. The help is there.“

Gonzalez-Colon also defending the president, saying he catches a lot of flak from critics because his manner of communicating is just more blunt and straightforward than most people are used to:

“There are things that I never do, but, you know, the president is always out of the script.”

“And I think that’s the main difference. People are used to having politicians that are politically correct, that follow the script, and he’s not like that. I mean, what you see is what you get and that’s the way he is.”

President Trump is a politician like no other, and that definitely can take some getting used to. But it’s good to know that he isn’t pulling any punches and that he genuinely sticks to his word. And, erasing the leftist narrative that the president is treating Puerto Rico differently because he is a racist, Gonzalez-Colon followed up with:

“He instructed all his cabinet members to treat Puerto Rico as a state, in terms of this hurricane. I mean, that kind of instruction is important to have access to all those programs.”

Check out the full interview for yourself here:

This is great news for President Trump, proving that much of the criticism lobbed at him is unfounded and he is continuing to do a good job in Puerto Rico. You won’t see this on the mainstream media very much though, so SHARE it FAR and WIDE, patriots!

Source: Liberty Writers