Trump Was Asked if Hillary Will Run Again in 2020, What He Said Next Will Leave Her Crawling on The Floor

Earlier this morning President Trump published a tweet that will undoubtedly leave Hillary Clinton shaking in her boots.

In his tweet that is now going viral, Trump gave his response to the question he’s been getting a lot lately – “Will Hillary Run again in 2020?”  (SEE TWEET BELOW)

Trump said what we have all been thinking… He HOPES Hillary runs because it would be so easy to win again!


The first loss was so embarrassing and humiliating that she allegedly got so drunk on election night she couldn’t even address the crowd that had showed up to celebrate her “win.”  Plus she felt the need to publish a book titled “What Happened” as if we don’t already know.

Watch Trump’s best moments against Hillary in 2016 here:

And plus, once she loses again she can publish a new book “What Happened: The Sequel.”

Source: Liberty Writers