‘American Idol’ Singer Kneeled Singing Anthem Sunday Because Protest Is Something She ‘Stands’ For

“American Idol” singer Jessica Sanchez sang the national anthem for the Oakland Raiders game this last Sunday. When the anthem called America the “home of the brave,” Sanchez took a knee. She said in interviews later that she was taking them need to protest President Trump. According to the Associated Press, Sanchez, who was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, said:

“I’m 100 percent for the message, as far as what the message has been behind everybody kneeling. I still show my respect to the veterans, but I do disagree with what’s going on in the office.”

After the protest, Sanchez released this statement:

But many savaged her online for the move that was seen as disrespectful:




In a bewildering video posted after the incident, Sanchez said that she thought singing the anthem was “really fun.”

In addressing all of the hatred she has received since her kneeling stunt, Sanchez said, “I can’t sit here and help people understand why I did it…but [the protest] is something I stand for.”

She added that she has received “crazy feedback” after kneeling for the anthem before saying that this is “What I believe. This is what I stand for.”

Irony is dead.

Source: Conservative Daily