Ted Cruz Mocks Anti-Flag NFL Players To Rotten Core With 1 Brilliant Tweet, Instantly Goes Viral

Ted Cruz is a smart guy and funny. And he is not afraid to poke fun at himself when he botches it.

That is a combination the liberals can’t stand because they like to portray conservatives as two dimensional monsters who are neither.

That is how the liberal dupe their followers – they never show the whole picture. They deal in caricatures not real life. Image not substance.

Just like the spoiled NFL players.

Who have been told by everyone from Trump to Shaq to Charles Barkley that… hey guys we understand what you are saying, let’s get together with owners and players and actually put our money into these communities and give them the gift of opportunity and the American dream rather than take a knee so you can get on the cover of some magazine and impress your buddies.

Basically play time is over, it is time to act. Get up, honor the flag and use your wealth and power for good – teach disadvantaged communities the true power of American exceptionalism rather than rewrite history and make the greatest, most generous nation on earth out to be some boogeyman.

We will see if they actually do it. In the meantime – with the NFL failing and the players exposed as a frauds (see Barkley’s comments) Ted Cruz decided to have some fun at the player’s expense last night.

Ted was at the “Deep from the heart: The One American Appeal,” Hurricane relief concert at the Reed Arena at Texas A&M University.

Among the dignitaries there were former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

President Trump sent a video message. Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance. The event helped bring the total raised to help the victims to over $30 million.

It was a bipartisan good time had by all. But despite the heavyweights in attendance, Ted Cruz stole the show with one perfectly mocking tweet that is setting the internet on fire.

Source: Liberty Writers