‘OUT OF CONTROL!’ Ivanka Trump Just Told Hannity Something That Will Make Liberals CRY

Ivanka Trump is crisscrossing the country to sell her father’s tax plan — and she’s making a lot of liberal enemies in the process.

Early Monday morning, Ivanka pitched tax reform to a crowd in Pennsylvania. In the evening, Fox News aired a one-on-one the first daughter conducted with Sean Hannity.

During the interview, Ivanka pushed for a tax plan that she describes as “competitive and compassionate” — one that allows the middle-class to succeed and the wealthy to invest in job-making opportunities.

The push goes against Ivanka’s liberal image — but she wasn’t done yet.

When Hannity asked Ivanka about the environment, her response was VERY surprising.

“It’s out of control,” Ivanka said about liberal environmental regulations.

“There’s a lot of bad regulation” that has caused “unintended consequences,” according to the first daughter.

Her solution? “Rolling back years — decades — of… regulations.”

Many liberals have gravitated toward Ivanka with the hopes that she would liberalize the White House. But when it comes to policy, she’s sounding a LOT like her father.

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She serves her father’s agenda wonderfully and people NEED to know that.

Source: Liberty Writers