Ivanka Trump Discovers Classy Way To Silence CNN And Turn Hollywood’s Scorn Into Badge Of Honor

Ivanka Trump just broke her silence on the relentless media attacks against her family.

Appearing on Fox News, Ivanka spoke about the toll the media and Hollywood’s attacks have had on her family.

Look, she knows she is fair game. All the Trump’s do. They have always been fair game for the media.

But so consumed and blinded by hatred, the media is not playing fair. They will literally do anything to try to stop Trump.

And if that includes going after Barron Trump so be it. Ivanka said,

“I’d be disingenuous if I said [the harsh attacks against her] didn’t affect me. I think, though, at the end of the day the real people suffering in this country are not me and my family. We can take it.”

Ivanka went on to show the whiny Hollywood crowd – did you see how they all tried to run and hide from the Harvey Weinstein scandal? – how to handle the spotlight with grace and class.

“The millions of Americans we saw across this country who are addicted to opioids or have lost a child to opioid abuse, who have lost their jobs because their industry can longer be competitive. These are the people who are really suffering. If we have to take a few body blows in advocating for those men and women, I think everyone in my family and everyone in this administration is honored to do it,” she added.


Ivanka wears CNN, MSNBC, and Hollywood’s scorn like the badge of honor that it is.

And boy does she wear it well. Share if you agree.

Source: Liberty Writers