MSNBC’s Ruhle Accuses President Trump Of Hiding JFK Information Because Of Ted Cruz

President Trump recently announced that he would be releasing classified JFK files that have never been seen by the public. “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened,” announced President Trump.

“The President believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise,” a White House official told reporters. President Trump ended up releasing 2,800 files, but was called up by agencies urging him to keep 300 files hidden.

Even though President Trump has given us more than any President before him, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle was angry that not all of them were released. He came up with an insane conspiracy theory on the matter.

“Do you think, Senator, the president’s calculus in any way had anything to do with these claims he made about Ted Cruz’s dad, why he would now want to get involved in releasing these documents? Trump hates being called a liar.” she asked former Sen. Robert Torricelli.

“Only Donald Trump could take the release of 54 year old documents and make it some kind of a national sensation,” Torricelli responded. President Trump once quoted a National Enquirer article linking Ted Cruz’s dad to the death of JFK. “His father. I don’t know his father, I met him once. I think he’s a lovely guy. I think he’s a lovely guy. All I did is point out the fact that on the cover of the National Enquirer there was a picture of him and crazy Lee Harvey Oswald having breakfast,” said President Trump. Check out the video below.

Source: Conservative 101