This Is The ONLY Poll That Matters This Year And It Shows Trump Winning BIG

Trump was king of the ballot box in 2016 — and he still is in 2017.

After a chaotic year of elections in 2016, this year has been relatively quiet. Only a few races were held this year, thanks mostly to cabinet appointments made by Donald Trump. Democrats tried to use these races as referendums on Trump and failed badly. Republicans held every seat despite the millions of dollars funneled into the opposition.

So Democrats have stopped spotlighting these post-Trump races — because Trump continues to win.

But there’s one major race left this year, and it was supposed to be a nailbiter.

The Virgina governor’s race between Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam has been close all year. Then, in early October, Donald Trump endorsed Gillespie.

He’s now up by EIGHT points, according to the Daily Caller. The media like to call Trump toxic, but the opposite is true.

With only two weeks left to go, Gillespie looks like a shoo-in — and he has Donald Trump to thank!

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Because Trump wins where it MATTERS.

Source: Liberty Writers