The Onion Wrote it. The Mayor of San Juan Fell for it. Who Wins? Everybody.

Everyone has done it. Everyone has fallen for “fake news.”

And by “fake news,” I don’t mean “that one story on CNN or Fox News or ABC that was either slightly misleading or conflicted with what I already believed to be true” — I mean intentionally satirical, really fake news, posted by the Duffel BlogThe Onion, or Babylon Bee.

We’ve seen the headline, done the double take, and — if we’re lucky enough — caught ourselves before we composed the snarkiest tweet in history and pressed “send.”

Well, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz’s luck ran out Friday.

In a now-deleted tweet, Cruz responded to an article — published by The Onion — titled: “Nabisco Baffled After Trump Administration Gives It $200 Million Contract To Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Roads.”

But the internet is forever:




Source: Conservative Daily