After Reporters Screamed at Her That Gen. Kelly is Racist, Watch Sarah Huckabee Destroy Them & Walk Off Stage

Race-baiting White House reporters bombarded Sarah Huckabee-Sanders with questions about General Kelly’s Civil War comments last night. Gen. Kelly simply said what many Historians have concluded, that The Civil War may have been avoided through better compromises.

The liberal White House Reporters swooped in like vultures, screaming at Sarah Huckabee-Sanders asking if this means General Kelly supports Slavery. Huckabee-Sanders kept her cool and ruined these reporters sick, fake narrative they’re trying to push, then she walked off stage as they continued screaming. (Video Below)

Huckabee-Sanders glared at these reporters said, “Because you don’t like history doesn’t mean that you can erase it and pretend it didn’t happen. That’s the point General Kelly was making…I think it is disgraceful to keep trying to make comments and take them out of context to mean something they simply don’t.” But this still wasn’t enough for these disgraceful reporters. WATCH what they were screaming at Sarah as she walked off stage! SHARE this on Facebook!

Source: Subject Politics