Crazy Lib Miley Cyrus Called Shooting ‘Terrorism’ By A ‘White American Man’

Miley Cyrus, whose career peaked when she was 12, is clearly stuck in a state of permanent mental childhood. Cyrus, who lives in southern California very far from her Tennessee roots, never fails to spout the latest trendy left-wing talking points whenever a major event happens.

Uneducated Cyrus was at it again recently when she responded to the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas by alleging that the killer Devin Patrick Kelley, who was by all accounts deeply mentally ill, was somehow a “terrorist.” She then made sure to point out that, unlike friendly non-white female foreigners, he was a “white American man.”

Wrote legal expert Miley in a hysterical post on her Instagram account, “This is a TERRORIST act by a WHITE AMERICAN MAN! I am heartbroken & embarrassed. Mortified by our country & its shitty system, lack of control/laws!”

When President Donald Trump pointed out Kelley’s long history of mental health issues, Cyrus flipped out again, writing, “I’d like to believe that EVERY person who takes the life of another being is “mentally ill”….BUT I am sorry Donald Trump this absolutely is a “GUNS SITUATION” I am aghast by the reaction of my latest post, it is completely amazing to me how defensive and in denial this country really is!”

Miley wasn’t done embarrassing herself. After bringing up again how bitter she still is that Hillary lost, she rambled, “So since this tragedy has occurred (coming off the cusp of Vegas, another terroristic act by a white American male) DONT START to be all innocent! Gender , race , & religion HAS and continues to matter for all the wrong reasons & that’s only the beginning of how backwards this country is! All of you are so focused on protecting yourself, you’ve completely forgotten that you’re not the only one that has to live in this country or on this planet!” She continued, “Aren’t you exhausted? Because to be honest I am fucking sick and tired of starting everyday with tears and in mourning! Let’s unite! Trump never needed to build a wall for us , we’ve done it ourselves!” Do you think Miley needs to go on medication?


My dreams have become nightmares & those nightmares , reality … This isn’t fair , this isn’t right , this isn’t just , this isn’t human! This is a TERRORIST act by a WHITE AMERICAN MAN! I am heartbroken & embarrassed. Mortified by our country & its shitty system , lack of control/laws! This does NOT HAVE or NEED to happen! It’s devastatingly disgusting! This is exactly why the lyrics of Bad Mood were so important for me to share on a major platform. I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that everyday we are waking up to more terrifyingly painful information that makes it nearly impossible to feel optimistic that things are going to change! They say it gets worst before it gets better in some cases & I wish on every star that this is the worst of it! I continue to be hopeful that enough is enough and the eyes of the ignorant will open and realize that (gun) VIOLENCE has to stop! This assholes Facebook profile photo was a fucking riffle ! “I don’t know how much more it can take!” #FuckGuns #FuckViolence 🚫💔🚫💔 My love is with you TX!

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Source: Conservative 101