Wikileaks Just Dropped BOMBSHELL About Russia Investigation That Has Democrats Running Scared

Earlier this morning Wikileaks released a series of documents that will prove once and for all the Democrats have been lying to us for over a year about “Russian Collusion.”

The whole story began when Russia supposedly “hacked” the DNC servers and stole Hillary’s emails, and it was Hillary’s emails that helped Trump get elected.  Of course thousands of hours of investigations and a special prosecutor later have turned up nothing.  Well, what Wikileaks just released this morning exposes this false Russian narrative and will have the democrats shivering. 

Wikileaks has released ‘Vault 8,’ which reveals that the CIA wrote a program that impersonates a Russian antivirus company, Kaspersky Labs.  This could have made it look like the Russians hacked the DNC servers when it was actually the CIA!

From RT:

WikiLeaks says it has published the source code for the CIA hacking tool ‘Hive,’ which indicates that the agency-operated malware could mask itself under fake certificates and impersonate public companies, namely Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

The CIA multi-platform hacking suite ‘Hive’ was able to impersonate existing entities to conceal suspicious traffic from the user being spied on, the source code of the malicious program indicates, WikiLeaks said on Thursday.

The extraction of information would therefore be misattributed to an impersonated company, and at least three examples in the code show that Hive is able to impersonate Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab, WikiLeaks stated.

Unbelievable.  I guess that’s why Debbie Wasserman Schultz blocked the FBI from investigating the DNC server hack for over one month.  Maybe that’s why they didn’t rebuild their servers when they were told that’s the only way prevent the hack?

This is looking more and more like it could’ve been an inside job.

Don’t be shocked if you don’t hear a word about this on the mainstream media, they won’t cover it because it’s true.