KARMA: After Keurig Coffee Pulled Their Ads From His Show, Hannity Got The Last Laugh

In case you haven’t heard, Keurig has decided to pull their ads from The Sean Hannity Show after a few liberals complained to them on Twitter. Here’s what they sa

As you can imagine, their decision doesn’t sit well with the millions of conservative Americans who watch Hannity’s show. Well, last night these patriots made their voice heard and Hannity got the last laugh!

People all over the country began Tweeting videos of themselves destroying Their Keurig Coffee Makers in support of Sean Hannity (See Videos Below). Hannity acknowledged these videos and encouraged more Americans to join in.

Check out some of the videos that have Hannity laughing… and SHARE this on Facebook if you will join in and BOYCOTT Keurig!


These are hilarious.


HAHA! But they get even better!


Famous Comedian Bob Levy even joined in. WATCH: