After NBC Reporter Asked if Trump Knew Gen. Flynn Lied to FBI, Sarah Huckabee Embarrassed Her

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders took to the podium for the first time this week today and things got tense right away. She addressed Mueller’s charges against Michael for “lying” to the FBI by referring all questions to Pres. Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd.

Huckabee-Sanders made it clear that Pres. Trump fired Micheal Flynn because he misled Vice President Pence but that the President had no knowledge of him lying to the FBI.

But that didn’t stop MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson from interrupting Huckabee-Sanders to ask her AGAIN about Michael Flynn. And That’s when the fireworks started.

Sarah looked back at Jackson, frustrated, referring her again to Pres. Trump’s lawyer. She said “it’s a legal matter so i’m not allowed to weigh in.”

The MSNBC reporter interrupted her to follow up AGAIN, so Sarah repeated herself once more and embarrassed Jackson by saying “it doesn’t seem that hard.”

Once again Sarah Huckabee-Sanders proves she is the best Press Secretary of all time and she doesn’t back down to these liberal hacks. WATCH this video then SHARE on Facebook if you think Sarah does a good job!