WATCH: Pawn Star, Rick Harrison Breaks His Silence, Reveals The TRUTH About Obama

We have all watched Pawn Stars at one point or another. Rick Harrison is the owner and figurehead of the shop. It turns out he had some interesting things to say about President Obama!

During an interview on Fox, Harrison spoke about his endorsement of President Trump and how he feels about the former administration. Rick says, as clear as day, that Obama made running small businesses a NIGHTMARE, according to Bizpac Review. We can understand why he would feel that way.

Hearing it from the man himself brings some perspective to the situation. Rick explains how he is a habitual business owner. He has his pawn shops, a publishing company, a restaurant, a bar, and much more. Harrison is constantly in the market for opening new businesses, and Obama made that a challenge for him.

When he was asked why it was so challenging, Rick explained that it had to do with the restrictions. Obama was regulating small businesses to death. You couldn’t run a business without knowing all of the rules.

Even if you THOUGHT you knew all of the rules, you were probably wrong, and were put in a situation where you had to close down. In America, you are supposed to open businesses, follow the basic guidelines, and thrive.

After explaining why he dislikes Obama, he was asked how he feels President Trump is doing. Harrison’s response was positive. He thinks that Trump is making positive changes in our country every day.

Harrison explained that President Trump was left with a mess. Obama’s administration was fudging numbers, and doing whatever they wanted. After Obama left, it was up to Trump to pick up the pieces and put them in the right order again.

We have to admit, so far President Trump is meeting OUR expectations. We knew he was exactly what our country needed, but we never imagined that he would make America such a better place in this short amount of time. Unemployment is dropping, we are deporting more illegals every day, and consumer confidence is back. We are, generally speaking, looking great!

Harrison brought up another valid point. You would have no idea that Trump was doing such a great job if you spent any time with other mainstream media outlets. It’s true. They spend their time making up stories out of thin air. The Left makes connections that are not there, and try to shake up the system because they didn’t get their way.

It is unlike anything we have ever seen. Instead of working with our government to improve our country, the Left are fighting every step of the way FOR NO REASON! It is time for the childish behavior to stop. The liberal candidate (luckily) did not win this race.

They need to start working towards delivering the truth, and making our country better than it ever was before. Obama hurt us in ways that are going to take a while to heal, but we are going in the right direction now!

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Source: The Angry Patriot

2 thoughts on “WATCH: Pawn Star, Rick Harrison Breaks His Silence, Reveals The TRUTH About Obama

  • May 23, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    I have to agree with him. I offer all who dare come forward with their feelings and any true information they want to share. I find it enlightening!

  • May 23, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Obama, what a coward bastard.


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