While Everyone’s Focused On Donald’s Trip, Melania Reveals Big Plans Of Her Own

First Lady Melania Trump promoted women’s empowerment during her time in Saudi Arabia while her husband, President Donald Trump, addressed dozens of leaders from Arab and Muslim-majority countries.

“I am very excited for the upcoming trip,” the first lady said in a statement prior to departure. “This will not just be an opportunity to support my husband as he works on important matters of national security and foreign relations, it will also be my honor to visit and speak with women and children from different countries, with different perspectives.”

Melania Trump visited an all-women GE business center in Riyadh where she spoke of the importance of the center’s work and of work-life balance as a woman.

“I’m very proud of you, very, very proud of you,” the first lady told one of the women working at the center.

“I am so proud of what you are doing! Thank you for hosting me here! Best wishes, Melania Trump,” she wrote on a wall where visitors write messages.

The first lady also spoke of how she balances her responsibilities as first lady of the United States with her family duties.

“You need to balance and find the time,” she said.

Melania Trump said her passion lay in caring for children and supporting mothers.

“They are our future … We need to stick together, support each other,” the first lady said.

Melania Trump also toured the American International School of Riyadh, where she visited several classrooms and gave Dr. Seuss books to preschoolers.


First Daughter Ivanka Trump also accompanied her father to Saudi Arabia, where she attended a roundtable on women’s economic opportunities.

Ivanka Trump, referring to herself as a “female leader within the Trump administration,” praised Saudi Arabia’s recent progress in extending rights and privileges to  women, but noted that “there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

“Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging, but there’s still a lot of work to be done and freedoms and opportunities to continue to fight for,” she said.

“The stories of Saudi women, such as yourselves, catalyzing change, inspire me to believe in the possibility of global women’s empowerment,” the president’s daughter said.

Ivanka Trump introduced World Bank president Jim Yong Kim, who announced that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have pledged a combined $100 million to a women’s entrepreneurship fund — an effort driven by Ivanka Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Kim announced that another $1 billion will be added to the fund by the World Bank in July for women’s economic opportunities, an investment he described as unprecedented.

“This is really a stunning achievement. I’ve never seen anything come together so quickly, and I really have to say that Ivanka’s leadership has been tremendous,” Kim said.

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Source: Western Journalism

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    Great job ! First Lady! We love you and appreciate you! Always praying for you and your family! Blessings,


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