Civil War Museum Shuts Down After Politician Complains About Confederate Flags

Wow. This incident has almost left me speechless. Almost.

Apparently, we can no longer share stories of American history.

It is just too offensive.

But what if we learn something from those lessons? Nope. Not at the cost of offending someone.

But what if it is in a museum? Not a statue in the local square, but a purely educational: look what happened.

Nope. We just can’t do it.

According to Breitbart, a Civil War battlefield museum is closing its doors because it cannot accurately present Civil War history without, well, Civil War artifacts:

“After Commissioner Dee Clemmons of Hampton, Georgia, demanded that the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum tear down the flags in its Confederate displays that explain the battle to visitors, the museum decided to close its doors, saying it could not properly explain history if half of its displays were to be censored, WFMY reported.

Tim Knight, who represents the nonprofit group that runs the museum, said Clemmons spoke with the color of authority of the county and felt that he was given no choice but to close the museum.

“Nash Farms has always represented both sides of the conflict,” Stuart Carter, a supporter of the museum, said of the five-year-old establishment.

“Sure I understand some people find the imaging of (the Confederacy) offensive,” Carter added. “But if we try and erase it from history, then we can’t remember how we messed up and why we shouldn’t go back there again.”

The group running the museum insisted that it could not properly relay the history of the 1864 battle without its Confederate artifacts and displays.

But a county spokesperson said it was “reasonable” to demand that the Confederate flag displays be censored.

Reasonable? Really? Let us apply this logic to other parts of history.

National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.? We need to close its doors. They’ve displayed Nazi symbols, films of Hitler, and Nazi propaganda material.

The newly-opened African-American History Museum in Washington D.C.? Yes, you need to close your doors as well. There are pictures of slaves and slaveholders.

Any Civil Rights Museum? Yes, please close your doors as well. Too many images of segregation.

Native American Museum? Skinning of buffalo. PETA will be up in arms.

9/11 Museum? Islamic terrorists.

Have we decided to stop learning from the past? Is it only about being comfortable in the present?

This censorship is terrifying

Source: The Federalist Papers

One thought on “Civil War Museum Shuts Down After Politician Complains About Confederate Flags

  • September 2, 2017 at 5:44 am

    This country has gone over the edge. As far as the Civil War is concerned blacks & whites fought for both sides I don’t care who agrees or not. That’s the way it was not to forget the American Indian, I know my ancestors fought in that war! Indians, Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Scott-Irish & Portugese. These are my ancestors yes they owned slaves were never beaten (think about it makes no sense) Indian way of thinking. They were paid wages, owners worked with them in the fields & outperformed the whites; beginning of our problems with them; they were given Bibles & taught to read, were taught to cypher the numbers so they could keep up with their money. They were also registered to vote, I saw this in documents found while researching my family tree, of the whites demanded a fee for this. There is a lot to our history to be found if we choose to open our eyes, I even found I may be kin to a slave or two got no problem with that either; history is history ya can’t change that. You can try and cover it up but sooner or later the TRUTH always comes to light!! Remember that…


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