Romney expresses support for Paris climate deal as Trump mulls leaving

2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday expressed his support for the U.S. to remain in the Paris climate accord, arguing it was an opportunity to remain a leader on the world stage.

“Affirmation of the Paris Agreement is not only about the climate: It is also about America being the global leader,” Romney tweeted.


Romney’s tweet comes after reports surfaced Wednesday that President Trump would pull out of the 195-nation deal negotiated under former President Barack Obama in 2015.

Pulling out of the agreement would be a dramatic reversal from the Obama administration’s stance on the deal.

Several figures in the administration have pushed for Trump to remain in the agreement, including top White House advisers Gary Cohn and first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, also joins Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in favoring the U.S. staying in the agreement.

Romney was considered for the position of secretary of State late last year, before Tillerson was ultimately picked.

Trump tweeted Wednesday he would be announcing his final decision on the agreement in “the next few days.”


Source: The Hill

One thought on “Romney expresses support for Paris climate deal as Trump mulls leaving

  • July 4, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    It does not surprise me one bit that this clown Romney is for this he is as big a crook as the rest of the crooks. They are coming out one by one. I am sure glad he did not get it as president when i voted for him. If there was any man about him he would be backing and helping our President Trump to pull us out of this hole Obama and the big crooks put us in. The liberals are more concerned about getting rich instead of fighting for our country. This is not like America at all. They don’t care that our babies are being slaughtered i don’t think our country will get much better until this is stopped. Planned Parent hood needs to be defunded it should have been the first thing that happened and it wasn’t.


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